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Understanding the Referral Process

When it comes to referring a patient for CAR T cell therapy, you’re not in this alone.

Start communication with eligible patients and certified CAR T
treatment centers as soon as possible.

Referral Tips to Expedite the CAR T Cell Therapy Process

The decision to refer a patient, and the selection of a particular certified CAR T cell therapy treatment center, are made solely by the referring provider and the patient. It is the referring provider's responsibility to follow all legal and institutional requirements for such referrals. Only a certified CAR T cell therapy treatment center can decide if CAR T cell therapy is the appropriate treatment choice for a patient.

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Identify potential patients for CAR T cell therapy as early as possible

  • Request consultations for your patients
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Patient organizations can be valuable resources and extensions of your clinical team

  • They can also help navigate referral, financial, and logistical issues

In order for your eligible patients to receive CAR T cell therapy as soon as possible,
consultations with the treating physician should occur early in treatment.

Patient referral can be initiated by phone. Cell Therapy 360® can help to perform an insurance benefits investigation for your patient and assist them in setting up a CAR T cell therapy consultation with a treatment center.

If you have any questions or want to refer your patient by phone, call 1-888-805-4555, choose option 2, and then press 3 for assistance.

CAR=chimeric antigen receptor.

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Treatment Center Locator

With a broad network of certified treatment centers located across the U.S.,
your patients may be able to find one closer to home.

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