Access & Reimbursement Support

Important information and resources to help navigate the reimbursement process

Bristol Myers Squibb is committed to delivering optimal patient and customer experience with cellular therapies. This information will help prescribed patients get access to our CAR T cell therapies and help treatment centers navigate the reimbursement process.

Explore each treatment center milestone throughout the reimbursement process below.

Before Apheresis


Access Confirmation


Benefit verification, prior authorization, and/or single case agreement (if required).

Prior to apheresis scheduling.


Cell Therapy 360® Support Programs Enrollment


Enrollment for financial, logistical, and/or coverage verification assistance (online or fax).

Patients can enroll at any point during the CAR T cell therapy treatment process; however, for optimal personalized assistance, it is recommended to enroll patients in support programs prior to apheresis scheduling.*

*Eligibility requirements may apply.


Authorized Distributor Order


Product order placed for purchase via authorized distributor’s online portal.

In a timely manner after apheresis scheduling.

After Infusion


Claim Submission by Treatment Center


Information you may need to complete your claim.

After product administration.

Visit the Resource Library for informative downloadable tools.

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This information is provided for educational purposes only. Bristol Myers Squibb cannot guarantee insurance coverage or reimbursement. Coverage and reimbursement may vary significantly by payer, plan, patient, and setting of care and may be subject to frequent change. It is the sole responsibility of the healthcare provider to select the proper codes and ensure the accuracy of all statements used in seeking coverage and reimbursement for an individual patient.

CAR=chimeric antigen receptor.